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Committed to protecting life and property.

FirstDue Fire Protection​​

We strive to provide you with the highest level of customer service, technical service and consulting services.

For most people, fire protection maintenance is a stressful and time consuming process, that's why they choose FirstDue Fire Protection. We have the knowledge, experience and tools to take any project from inception to completion. We make the process easy and enjoyable for you.

FirstDue Fire Protection genuinely cares about the safety of occupants and your property, and it shows. Our first-time customers constantly become our long term customers due to our competitive pricing, exceptional service, and customer incentive program. 

​Your First choice in fire protection.​​​​​

FirstDue Fire Protection has been proudly providing service all across Ontario for several years. We have a large customer base that ranges from small multi residential apartment buildings to 500,000 sqft industrial facilities. Our technicians and fitters are responsible for the maintenance, installation and modification of fire alarm systems, fire sprinkler systems, special agent suppression systems, emergency lighting systems, ​fire extinguishers, hazardous environment detection systems, smoke alarm systems and so much more. 

​FirstDue Fire Protection is one of the few companies that believes our customers should be rewarded for their continued support, which is why we have an incentive program. Our incentive program isn't just for existing customers, we also offer incentives to new customersl. For more information about our incentive program email us at inquiries@firstduefire.ca 

Our mission is to prevent fire related losses before they occur. 


At FirstDue Fire Protection we recognize the importance and value of your assets. The best place to start is with fire prevention. None the less, accidents do happen....and when they do, we'll be there when you need us most. Our primary goal is to make sure that the fire protection systems set in place to protect your occupants, workers and property are in proper working order and in full compliance with applicable codes and standards.

Did you know?

  • anyone working on fire alarm systems in Ontario requires a valid CFAA licence.
  • anyone working on fire sprinkler systems in Ontario must be a registered apprentice or journey person.
  • Proper system maintenance can help save you thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your fire protection systems and is a requirement set out by the Ontario Fire Code.